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吃貨們的好消息 5種零食吃不胖

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As the new year rolls in, taking stock of the one just past can prompt the age-old resolutions, ‘eat healthier’ and ‘make better choices’.
While taking steps towards these goals is often easier said than done, figuring out what foods will keep the weight off and your stomach full is now much easier thanks to Sheila Zhou, expert scientist at the USANA Health Sciences.
‘Often when we graze between meals we make the mistake of opting for calorie laden foods, rather than making nutritious choices,’ Ms Zhou told Daily Mail Australia.
‘Not only does this hinder our body’s ability to properly process the food; it often also results in weight gain from the additional calorie consumption,’ she said.
‘Thankfully, there are alternatives that not only keep your energy levels up but also help you to shed those unwanted kilos.’
After studying the diet of the average Australian, Ms Zhou noticed that people were choosing convenience over nutrition, resulting in a shocking deficiency in vitamins and minerals.
‘If you look at the 2013-2014 survey done by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, you’ll see that more than 90% of Australians don’t eat the recommended servings of fruit and vegatbales,’ Ms Zhou said.
‘People are opting for convenience, and often aren’t aware that the types of food they are reaching for are high in sugar and saturated fats- things like processed and fast food,’ she said.
Ms Zhou decided to compile a list of alternatives to the unhealthy food many were consuming, under the principle that swapping, rather than removing, snacks was the ideal way to stay healthy.
1. Think fishy.

Her first recommendation might come as a surprise, as Ms Zhou encourages eating fish as a snack.
‘If you are looking for a food that will keep you feeling full between meals and provide you with loads of nutrients, tuna is the perfect option,’ she said.
‘Not only is it stacked with protein and omega-3 essential fatty acids, its ability to curb your craving leads to a flatter stomach.’
The Australian Heart Foundation advises that Australians should consume 1000mg of omega-3 each day, a figure which Ms Zhou said most people may not be aware of.
2. Play it cool.

‘Frozen foods often get a bad rap when it comes to healthy eating, but snap frozen vegetables such as peas and corn are actually an excellent source of nutrients,’ said Ms Zhou.
While she recommends shopping each day for fresh food, Ms Zhou said that most people will do their shopping on the weekends and ‘live out of the fridge during the week’.
‘Properly frozen vegetables have similar nutrient levels as fresh vegetables, so in this case frozen foods can be a good option,’ she said.
‘The combination of low calorie density and high levels of fibre means they are both a filling and satisfying snack.’
3. Go nutty.

‘Nuts are a great snack if you are conscious about your weight as they’re rich in a variety of vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium,’ said Ms Zhou.
A recent study on nurses in New Zealand showed that people who eat nuts every day have a 20% lower mortality rate, and also tend to be leaner.
‘Nuts are also a significant source of protein and fibre while being naturally low in sugar. Nut bars such are great options, as they are both nutritious and convenient,’ she said.
4. Pull the udder one.
Ms Zhou said that many people will only consume milk in their tea of coffee, a level which is insufficient for obtaining the calcium needed for bone health.
Drinking up to four glasses of milk each day can be a way to curb hunger and get protein.
‘When it comes to sustaining energy and hunger levels, with minimal carbohydrates, milk is the perfect answer,’ said Ms Zhou.
‘Not only is it loaded with calcium and vitamin D, its high protein content means you stay full for longer than most other drinks.’
5. Pop it.

‘At only 20 calories per cup, natural popcorn is an underrated and reasonably healthy snack,’ said Ms Zhou.
‘As they are made out of whole grains they are low in glycaemic Index. Plus, the fibre from whole grains help you to feel full on fewer calories, meaning you consume less food overall.’
Popcorn is also a fantastic snack to be creative with, and can be made sweet or savoury with just a few additions.